Contemporary Ideas for the Perfect Home Office Furniture set up, 2021

Home Office Furniture

In this article we will be discussing some very exciting home office furniture products with you. The purpose is to educate you about all those ongoing trends and vogues that inspire home offices.

We cannot stress enough about how important it is these days to have a productive work environment. With offices closed and schools shut, everyone seems to roam about aimless. However, this is precisely the time to gear up and get back to work before procrastination becomes a daily ritual.

Further as we progress in this article, we will elaborate products that you need to set up the perfect environment to motivate you to work. We will also give our two cents on home office furniture items that we think are not worth the bling.

Whether it’s you or your child receiving online classes from school or college, this article will give you an honest shopping guide.



Let us first explain what an armoire is and what a hutch is, exactly.

A computer armoire is equipped with pocket doors, which means that you can hide your computer behind cabinet doors whenever you deem necessary. It resembles a cabinet when not in function. It also has drawers and storage compartments for you to store your work essentials.

A computer desk hutch is similar to that of an armoire, minus the pocket doors. It showcases your computer at all times and is often bigger in size than a hutch.

Computer armoires and hutches usually require large spaces. If you do not have enough space in your room, we would advise you to opt for a computer armoire that you can place in your living room so that you can close its pocket doors whenever you are visited by guests. It is also suitable for storing any items you deem necessary.

Whether you purchase a computer armoire or a computer desk hutch, both of them are almost two peas in a pod. They require a lot of space and the ones worth purchasing are usually too expensive. Unless you are a die-hard fan of computer armoires and hutches, we would suggest you to skip these big daddies.

The chair that you have been looking for your home office

Home Office Chair
Home Office Chair

A regular office chair is recognized by its casters. However, very few people are aware that there is a separate chair to fulfill every need.

Office chairs can vary from high-end ones which serve many advantages and then there are ones, which are solely there to serve one purpose. Below, we will be enlisting and elaborating on some home office chairs that we think are worth the mention. There are many options to cater to a wide variety of needs.

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Modern executive home office desks in 2021

In this article, we will be discussing some very exciting home office furniture products with you. The purpose is to educate you about all those ongoing trends and vogues that inspire home offices.





This is a list of all the home office chairs we could find. Take note, that we will be elaborating only the ones that are worth the mention.

  1. Desk chair
  2. Drafting chair
  3. Kneeling chair
  4. Office stool
  5. Side chair
  6. Executive office chair
  7. Ergonomic chair
  8. Swivel chair
  9. Visitor chair

Now it is time to elaborate on a few favourites!

The ergonomic chair! A chair to cater to all your postural and orthopaedic needs. It often occurs that we ignore the principles of ergonomics, which leads to problems such as back pain and discomfort. For that, there is a specially designed chair with features that help you retain a stable posture.

They provide lumbar support. The lumbar region of the spinal cord is the second last region towards the end of the spinal cord. Constant postural discomfort can lead to severe back pain for which the lumbar support feature is a necessity indeed. Another feature would be the back angle adjustment; to allow you to recline your back as per your need. Tilt lock, synchro-tilt and adjustability of the arms are other notable features.

Next up worth mentioning amongst home office chairs is the executive office chair. An executive office chair encompasses almost all the features of an ergonomic chair and also folds within it the element of class and style. They often have faux leather seating with cushioned back support. Casters are smooth and glide easily. However, these come with a heavy price tag! We suggest you invest in it only if you need your home office set up to look presentable in official meetings that take place online.

A kneeling chair is a very interesting looking chair. It is designed to avoid strain, especially to the lower back. We would suggest it for those who have really long working hours in front of the computer.

The only reason for mentioning a Banker’s chair is due to its unique style. It too has casters but has a wooden framework, which is sometimes reinforced with mesh. An almost country-style look can be given to your home office. The seat does have cushioning, but most of the banker chairs that we came across skip cushioning for back support. It does lose some credit points over comfort.



Not too long ago, drafting tables were a necessity for engineers and architects. Its flat surface and adjustable height provided an excellent workspace. The flat surface also encouraged an even spread of illumination for a light source and was perfect for using all the T-squares or set squares needed for an impromptu sketch.

However, nowadays, thanks to technology, powerful computers and software have overtaken traditional styles of work.

So the question remains: are drafting tables worth the investment?

Our verdict: YES!

Here’s why: drafting tables are not strictly for engineers or architectures, they can be for anyone! Whether you are a home-based artist and your work involves a lot of sketches or you simply need a table for sewing, crafting or any recreational purpose at all. Drafting tables can be set flat at 180 degrees so that you can use it as a laptop table.

Also, despite drafting tables being an almost outdated trend, some institutions and schools still advocate the use of drafting tables, that’s because they use of pencils and set squares still stand as standard tools for engineering and architects and everyone should have general knowledge on how to use them.

 The best part is that drafting tables are portable (most of them). This would allow you to draw, paint or sketch amidst your favourite park or lake while you bask in the sunlight with nature as a companion.

The height adjustability feature is an unsung hero. Often we come across tables and desks that just don’t feel right because of inappropriate height; being either too high or too low. With a drafting table, you can say goodbye to such worries. It truly stands as a multifunctional table for people belonging to almost all professions.

Some of them even have drawers for storage and hence can serve as a very promising study table for your child or even for you if your work involves a lot of research and proof reading. Just couple it up with one of those clip-on LED lamps and you’re good to go!

A file organizer’s dream: home office cabinets!

home office cabinets
home office cabinets

Many of us have an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which means you’ll always have a knack for aligning all your files, books, documents or whatever it is that needs organization in perfect order. If you are reading this and this sounds a whole lot like you, then cut your wallet some slack because you’ll be needing one of these home office file cabinets!

As unheard and low-key as they sound, file cabinets actually have a lot of variations and types. Below, we will be enlisting and explaining a lot of fun variations for home office cabinets.

  1. Metal filing cabinets: you’ve probably seen these in old school offices. They sometimes come with casters and have smooth gliding features to accommodate frequent opening and shutting. They can have two or three spacious drawers and their flat-top can accommodate a printer too! Since they are made of metal so their sturdiness and strength is called for.
  2. Vertical filing cabinet: a modern variation of the metal filing cabinet. These cabinets are made of manufactured wood to impart a modern glow.
  3. Rolling filing cabinets: simply a fancy name for home office cabinets with casters.
  4. Wood filing cabinets: made strictly from wood, these home office cabinets include drawers as well as hollow storage compartments as variations. They have replaced metal file cabinets due to their outstanding designs and contemporary executive touches.
  5. Lateral filing cabinets: refers to the opening style of this home office cabinet. It is pretty much the same as a vertical filing cabinet.
  6. Locking cabinets: these cabinets have a locking feature, which means it can be used for confidential documents. This can even be used as a safe. A locking feature is already included in many home office cabinets regardless of their type and style.

Home office desks that you’ll love for 2021!

Home office desks

Whether you’re a writer or a businessman, a home office desk considering the current situation is a must.

Home office desks not only aid in productivity but also provide a clear space for all your work essentials, be it a laptop or your important files.

When it comes to selecting a home office desk to suit your need, one would be in a fix. That’s because there is a stereotypical belief that all desks are the same. Below, we will be nullifying that stereotype by showing you how there is a separate desk for every need!

  1. Writing desks: these elegant desks are for all those writers and creative folks out there. With their very minimalistic design, they avoid catering to any distractions. Their small size is perfect for you to set it right in front of your window for a nice view. They mostly come with only one or two drawers.
  2. Corner desks: these are configured to make use of the corners of your room to save space with its V-shaped back. They look stylish too and are a good choice for smaller spaces.
  3. Credenza desks: we think these are elegant derivations of credenza tables which are usually placed in dining halls with a cloth draped over them. They have now been modified into chic versions to serve as a home office desk.
  4. Leaning/ladder desks: these desks come with a ladder style bookcase, which means you get to have a fancy bookcase to showcase all your books with a convenient desk below. A two in one item! What a bargain!
  5. Executive desk: the ones that you will spot in professional office buildings. If you are a boss that misses his or her office during the pre-corona times then this one is for you. However, they occupy massive spaces and are very bulky with respect to the material. They also come with lots of storage compartments.
  6. Secretary desk: a secretary desk has a very telltale appearance. With its open shelves and drawers, it is sure to impart a classical look. There are different designs for secretary desks for bedrooms and those for home offices. A home office secretary desk is more formal.
  7. Floating desks: one of our personal favourites. These elegant and chic looking home office desks require no leg room as they are wall-mounted and hence can serve their purpose in the smallest of spaces. The floating feature gives them a very unique and modern contemporary appearance.

Out of many furniture items that we think are worth purchasing, home office desks would be the most worthy of spending your money on.

However, size of the room is a major consideration. You don’t want your home office set up looking too crowded. That is why we suggest the space requirements beside almost every furniture item that is recommended by us.



A home office furniture set is a complete package for all your working needs. You do not need to rummage through tonnes of websites or flagship stores to grab the best buy or purchase different furniture articles from different brands.

A home office furniture set will yield you a lot of furniture articles with the advantage of them possessing monotonous style. You also will not need to brainstorm a lot of ideas as to how you will make them all abide by one theme since they all will share a similar and uniform design.

These home office furniture sets vary according to piece. The more the pieces, the higher the price.

Home officer furniture sets can lend you a variety of furniture articles; including file cabinets, bookcases, hutches, armoires, credenzas, chairs and more. It entirely depends on how much space you have. It also depends on your budget, of course.

They all come with different features. Some have built-in USB ports whereas some of them are configurable.

Manufactured wood, laminate veneer metal and MDF are a few of the common materials used for manufacture. Most of them also require assembly, which would of course take a lot of time owing to many furniture items in the line, up for assembly.

These sets can have a matte wooden finish or a glossy acrylic finish. However, wood is mostly more sturdy than its counterpart. It also imparts a mid-century modern vibe to give a very professional aura to your office at home.

Our verdict regarding home office furniture sets is rather queer. Despite its many advantages, home office furniture sets require massive spaces and can make your home office look rather congested. Unless you find a home office furniture set in a size that perfectly fits your room or if you have spacious rooms in your house, we would not recommend the purchase of such heavy-duty sets.


Hutch furniture attachments can be thought of as accessories to any home office furniture you have purchased. So let’s say, if you bought a very minimalistic desk, which has no storage then you could easily top it off with a wall-mounted bookcase hutch. Isn’t that great?

Desktop organizer hutches are perfect to organize all your files and documents floating atop your desk. We have even come across two-door or three-door hutches that can be wall-mounted. This would save you a lot of space!

Hutches have variations in storage. There are hutch furniture attachments with open storage compartments and those with drawers or even frosted glass cabinets.

Hutch furniture attachments could even be composed entirely of shelves. You could use it as a bookcase to line up all your documents, books and essentials. They remain suspended in air via their wall mounts to give them a very cool look.

Even though hutch furniture attachments are sold separately, many home office desks we came across already have hutch attachments. Matching and contrasting hutches with your already purchased desk is another hassle on its own.

So unless you have a desk that offers no storage compartments or one that has very few storage options, this accessory is worth skipping on.

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