How does Home Office Improvement Work?

Office Furniture Improvement

Home Office Improvement, Everyone is in a dilemma over losing their jobs due to the novel corona virus, hence many of the companies and firms are leaning towards e-commerce. The bright side towards this initiative is that many of the employees that were once in a monotonous hustle of getting ready at 8 AM and heading towards their offices are now sitting back in their comfortable beds and working from home.

However, the absence of a compact office environment is now thrusting employees towards the idea of home office improvement. This is for the sake of the employees to motivate themselves to perform the best they can at the comfort of their unorthodox office at their very own homes.

But how does Home office improvement work? It honestly revolves around the idea of converting a room or a corner of your house into your personal recreational space where you can perform efficiently. Whether it is your boss asking you for that file you did not work on at 5 AM in the morning or that annoying colleague who hits you up at odd hours for help. Ultimately, you have to get it done; but not with you in your sullen mood finding your glasses with your eyes closed mid-way. You need that work environment to boost up your moral and hence arises the need for a new era amidst a pandemic: home office improvement.

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This article is intended upon guiding you through towards a conducive aura. We intend to work you through each and every product and accessory that you will be needing to improve your home cum office. The budget of course will deviate as per your affordability but the ideas generated in the content below will be sure to cater almost everyone seeking towards improving their home office.

Below, we’ll be listing out ideas and certain sets of furniture that can impart you the environment you need.


Home Office Furniture

Home office furniture here is an umbrella term which will withhold a diverse label of accessories you can choose from. Yes, we will be elaborating each category separately to yield a visual you can picturize your work space better.

Home office furniture can range from executive set ups to homey work stations depending on what makes you productive.

For a homey set up you would automatically incline towards nude toned wallpapers that can either be floral, abstract or geometric. Stack the floor with a nice fluffy bean bag in contrast to your wallpaper along with a study cum laptop desk to hold your essentials, it would be best if it could graduate to different heights so you could easily adjust it to cater to your desired postural comfort.

A plush yellow-toned rug would be a nice contribution to the furniture in your home office. If bean bags do not do you good you could always get a comfy recliner chair to hold those legs straight when they get strained by all that static posture; it would definitely be a valuable addition to your home office furniture.

Moving towards the executive set up, go for the manager high back chair with a monotone desk to contrast with it. A greyscale theme would impart the ultimate home office look. A tall floor lamp contrasting with the grey scale theme would impart your home office the vibe of an executive look! If you’re a file or document hoarder, a chic cabinet running along with the theme will help you run a more organized at home office.

 There are definitely more themes apart from the above two, so let us look at the categories more simplified and explained extensively!


Bedroom Furniture

The themes for bedroom could range from a huge ass house similar to that of Jeffree star or as cozy as a cabin in some far off wood.

The bedroom furniture that could proximate around the ideal room setup would consist of furniture of the right size. Whatsoever theme you want to go for; whether it’s coastal, bohemian, Scandinavian or even midcentury modern. Always keep the ratio of the bedroom into consideration. A bed or a side table too big will make the room seem congested whereas a bedroom furniture too small a size will make your bedroom seem as if you plan on renovating it. Size is important!

Let’s elaborate a few themes and I’ll list down the bedroom furniture to go with it.

NORDIC STYLE: We all love this specific theme, don’t we? Let’s stick to a contemporary white theme with black contrasts. A Scandinavian style oak wood bed to go along with neutral grey or pale pink linens. Top it off with a comfy ottoman stool or sofa at the foot end of the bed. A tripod floor lamp with a white or black shade will further align with the theme. Instead of a set of side tables, a chic marble nightstand will complement the theme. A plush grey fluffy rug and a hanging frame atop the bed would seal the deal!

AESTHETIC: This can range from any perspective that fulfills your standard. According to us a soft grunge or pastel theme would most appeal to the eyes. A single bed with linens complimenting the wall paint seems good start off. The best tool to given an aesthetic impression can be neon signs or fairy lights; stacking them over your bed head or around the wall or even allowing them to fall over the curtains can make your room seem appealing. A neon sign board, despite being a wee bit costly will give it your bedroom the ultimate vibe; you could have it custom made (which is more expensive) or you could just buy it off of amazon or etsy readymade.

Any word or quote that appeals your mood would deem fit; for example: Dream, no bad vibes, Workaholic, No sleep club are in the trend these days. Instead of opting for a word, a cactus, moon, flamingo or hello neon signs are also barging into the trend.

A Hollywood vanity style dresser would look great, they come with LED lights or light bulbs that can dim and brighten as per your requirement, from what we know, they also have different light tones from; from warm neutral to cool toned. They also come with a stool. It is perfect for assembling and sorting all your makeup and tools. This specific bedroom article comes in rose gold, monotone white and even ebony black!

BOHEMIAN: A very few number of people would deviate towards this theme because it’s neither contemporary nor modern. Nevertheless, it gives such an unorthodox cultural vibe. A lot of geometric bedroom furniture and linens proximates around this theme.

From boho wall hangings to whimsical canopy beds; coupled with geometric hexagonal tables endorsing a mandela like pattern. A red or green bohemian style rug would also impart a groovy look and would be a great addition to your bedroom furniture theme! You can seal the deal with a dream catcher either hanging from one side of the canopy of the bed or just on the ceiling.

These are a few of the themes that we elaborated, a gazillion other themes can be improvised!


This living room is where you’ll probably spend most of your day. You could be couching up in your pajamas watching that Netflix series or just chatting with your family. It is also the room where many of your guests or friends choose to hangout so the impression of it being comforting and stylish at the same time withholds utmost importance!

Living room furniture needs to be compact but attractive. Clustering furniture will only suffocate the aeration you’re striving to get. Let’s get you started on the basics.

A coffee table is a must! It is the epicentre of all the activities that you want to conduct in the living room. A low seated coffee table could either stand out alone or with accompanying low seated chairs, perfect for that evening tea or even a poker game night! Coffee tables can range from an executive/luxury look or a cozy homey look, it depends on you entirely. If you are opting for a homey vibe then getting those low seated chairs along with the table is a good idea, you can then skip the sofas to keep the compactness of your living room intact.

An excess of furniture ruins the appearance of what could have stood outs standardized living room furniture. Coffee tables can be made of glass or wood; they could be round or cuboidal or even rectangular, which leaves the preference upto you. We have also seen some new designs which are stepped and graduated to impart a modern contemporary look to your living room. Glass tables always impart an executive look whereas wood is almost always associated with comforting home-like vibes.

Jumping on to sofas, we have a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes to go along with a certain outlook you have selected for your living room. Turkish style sofas, ottoman sofas, sectional L-shape sofas, loveseat sofas; you name ‘em! This of course also includes armchairs that modulate the designs towards their arms: the classic round arm sofa, the retro square arm sofa or the hard wedge arm sofa! All of these styles need to coordinate with the rest of the theme of your living room furniture.

Nest tables are another ongoing trend that we have seen in the emerging market. They come in different shapes as well but our favourite is the hexagonal contemporary pale pink marble nest table! They come in different panels of gold or silver or even wood, bundled up in a set of two or three.

Accessories that you can add to your living room furniture include artistic paintings, lamps, rugs and chandeliers!

A modern TV unit is an escalating trend of the year but simple wall-mounted televisions with contrasting wallpaper could look just fine!

Last but not least: Chandeliers! Probably the vastest variety of furniture which is not just limited to living room furniture! Mainly we will discuss them into three broad categories.

  1. TYPES:

Pendant, linear, orb, sputnik or flush mount.


Traditional, modern contemporary, crystal, rustic and farmhouse.

  • TONE:

Brass, nickel, chrome, wood, satin black.



The heart of the house; the kitchen. A kitchen is a place which holds a lot of memories (and disasters) are made! Whether it is the former or the latter, one should make sure that the kitchen furniture plays a role for the better!

A kitchen countertop is probably the first article that will capture your gaze as you enter. A shiny smooth kitchen counter is the first essential to hold all your kitchen utensils. I have seen many materials that make a good kitchen counter. Quartz, in particular, gives a delectable look, almost mimicking a precious stone. Granite, limestone, soapstone and butcher blocks come in the latter categories.

Moving onto kitchen cabinets, they are an ultimate go-to as a part of your kitchen furniture! We have seen kitchen cabinets in varieties galore! We have wall cabinets and base cabinets for starters and let’s admit it, to hold all your cutlery (especially if you are a cutlery junkie) you need loads of cabinets. Cabinets also include a kitchen island with one of those marble tops, so trendy and chic and a perfect addition to your kitchen furniture. They can provide you the space for your chopping and assembling your food whereas the remaining kitchen tops can hold your electronics. Other variations to the former can be pantries and a storage cabinet buffet.

Cooker hoods! A very elegant and useful addition to your kitchen furniture. Now we have seen wall-mounted cooker hoods, canopy cooker hoods and chimney cooker hoods. Most of them have washable filters and a built-in light to aid your cooking. They also come in different lengths, with 90 cm and 60 cm being the most commonly purchased ones. If you went for the kitchen island, you could even opt for the kitchen island hood which is unique to its property!

We also rummaged further into the designs and found out that we have an L-shaped, integrated, curved glass, flat glass, angled and a box style cooker hood as well! All of them hold special significance regarding design and properties to comply with your kitchen furniture set up.

Baker’s racks or kitchen trolleys also fall into the category of essential kitchen furniture. They can be used to stack up your fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are a baking fanatic, it could hold in all your baking essentials.

If your kitchen is big enough to hold a cute little dining table, then it will be a wrap! We have seen a vast variety of options of dining tables that you can add to your kitchen furniture. Since there are dining halls for one of those grand dining tables, we will suggest you, space savers! Espresso tables are one of those tables you can stack on top of another and they give a simplistic and minimal look, perfect for the look of a modern day kitchen. These sets are often accompanied by bar stools.


Kids Furniture

You will find a variety of bed sets to contribute to your kid’s furniture. Depending on the age of your child, you can lean towards whatever deems fit. For babies one can opt for a crib with safe railings to keep your child protected whereas for toddlers a cot cum bed can be opted for; this will be a compact and safe addition to your kid’s furniture since it is almost at ground level and can be converted into a bed at naptime.

For children that are elder, a bunk bed is a great and fun option, it comes with built-in drawers as well. These days a single design bunk bed can accommodate a study table on the underside aspect of it as well. For girls, canopy style beds with various themes in tones of pastels or pink would be a suitable option.

Toys are a kid’s furniture all-time essential.  Spacious multicolored boxes with lids can also serve as a toy chest. A cute addition would be that of a safety hinge barrel top storage chest placed at the foot end of the bed. We also came across cloth storage baskets that are foldable and travel friendly hence can serve multiple purposes.

Junior tables and chairs can act as your child’s recreational space for them to play and draw.  

Now I have seen them coming in wood or plastic, some even have board game stickers on top, many of which are in the foldable kid’s furniture category. Bean bags can be substituted for chairs.

To make the set-up look more welcoming, accessories will prove to be a great partner. Fairy lights and wall hangings make a great contribution to the overall aura of the bedroom setup. Glow in the dark stickers are a muse to many children. A lullaby chime can help them sleep peacefully at night. A corner of the room could be decorated with a kid size tent, stacked with pillows for your child to pursue his or her adventure endeavors.



The first gaze to fall upon the entrance of a house is the hallway or a corridor; this usually forms the entrance of your house and hence necessitates the need for entryway furniture. We have a wide variety of options and ideas so let’s just dig into them.

 This also comprises a variety of schemes such as rustic, foyer, antique and modern. Below we will be listing a few entryway furniture articles that we think are must haves!

The first article we came across was a three piece or four-piece entryway set that features drawers, cabinets and an entryway bench. The high end ones are composed of MDF; it being an engineered wood imparts exceptional strength. A blend of veneers lends that amazing colour tone and yields a scratch resistant surface. These sets are large in size so would deem fit only if you have wide spaced entryways.

Consoles are a diverse addition to the entryway furniture since they do not require much space and acquiesce to the overall ambience of your house very easily. The cherry on the top is that you have a huge variety to choose from. Some of our favourites include the gold plated metal consoles in coordination with the circular metal collared mirror set, I believe it comes in sets of four or five. We also came across wooden low set consoles and consoles that act as a storage cabinet. Both are purchase worthy!

If you live in areas where cold persists almost all year round, then a coat rack is a must! These come mainly in two varieties: wall mounted and free standing. Every category apart from this incorporates the diversity of their designs. As an entryway furniture article it should be minimalistic but elegant. The most common ones are those that resemble a tree!

A hall tree is another fun derivation of a console, except that it is designed to include a bench and a wall mounted rack as well. These articles are mostly shipped and require a at home assembly. Some of them include shelves and a metal shoe rack to seal the deal.

If you want to keep it super minimalistic then you could just install a wide range entryway mirror with antique borders.

Frame sets are another option, a simplistic but impactful addition to your entryway furniture. We have a very broad classification as far as frames are concerned. Below we will try to explain those that are in the trend and deserve most recognition:

Hanging and table top frames in multiple geometric shapes and a variety of sizes can impart a contemporary look. A wallpaper to accompany the frames would give it a luxurious look at a very reasonable price. A wall painting to substitute the frames can also be a consideration. Frames come in different materials from that of wood, ceramic, metal, leather and even bamboo! Not just that, textural varieties include beaded, glided and beveled.



Not many houses have this room as a separate room because it requires a lot of technical machinery apart from the mainstream furniture.

Bean bags are perfect for gaming since their positions can be easily changed with respect to your gaming console. They come in many shapes but there is a specific game room beanbag classified under game room furniture, which we will be discussing as well. Standard bean bags are 4 foot and have various shapes. The round or circular ones are some of the common ones. Giant bean bags are also a trend these days, they are 8’ in size and are often produced with high end quality materials, namely the memory foam which is known to aid in postural comfort.

The most common material to have embellished a bean bag is polyester or cotton, but faux leather is also making an emerging impact. Bean bags have the variety of having a back support element and there are also ones that come without a back support. However, game room furniture should be composed of articles that make comfort a priority since gaming takes up a lot of your time.  

Your television sets or monitors will of course also require a few arrangements. Finding inexpensive but sustainable game room furniture off of websites is yet again a tedious task, since you do not get to see the product till it arrives at your door step and you finally unbox it. We would suggest for you to visit trusted websites with a lot of positive reviews. We have spotted a multitude of television table options. Some coffee tables can also serve as a tv table, the ones that are not so low set.

Unless you have a modern tv unit set up, we would suggest for you to purchase a 3 tier or 4 tier television table; these furniture articles are usually composed of composite wood topped off with a coat of PU lamination. This would automatically render them sustainable and strengthened. The turn-n-tube tv tables are also emerging in the market, some have rounded corner as well. Oakwood is another material used for tv tables. Regardless of their material and brand, they come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate almost evert television size; whether it’s a 42’ or 50’!

Next up for discussion under the category of game room furniture is of course the accessories. Let us start off by discussing one of those mini basketball hoops, that is of course if your game room is spacious enough for you to play ball. Composed of clear polycarbonate and reinforced by a shatter-proof back board, this baby would be an excellent addition to your game room.

Stacking up printed cushions and pillows relevant to your interest would spark up the overall look of the room. Another interesting item we came across was the chess table that comes with built-in drawers! Perfect for a nice match between two wise players. Game room LED signs and neon light ropes to line the borders of your television will make your game room look extra cool. An interesting article is that of game-room rules sign board; it has almost of a vintage or rustic effect to it, and you could hang it on the front door.

Now this next option is not for the faint of heart because it is an investment that would require a lot of money! Yes, we are talking about arcade machines, though they do not qualify as game room furniture but we could term them as game room electronics. Pin ball and Pac-man machines have stood as an all-time favourite. The Pandora box 6s is one of the more affordable options, it is a multiplayer game which makes it perfect for a game night get-together.

Classical game room furniture can also include a snooker table. A foosball table does not require massive investment and serves as the perfect two player game. Classical game room furniture is always a good choice to give your room an executive look as well.


BEDROOM FURNITURE home office improvement

Bathroom furniture sets are sold as a compact deal on many websites online. They even come in different sizes, colours and designs. They come in a set in which the high end deals include at least two drawers, two sink bowls and two mixer taps to cater to your temperature needs.

Let’s talk a bit about the sink bowl designs in general. These include drop in sinks which are perhaps the most common, you will probably find them in many average hotel rooms as well. Wall mounted sinks also fall into the same category, except it would have the advantage of consuming lesser space. The under mount sink, pedestal sink a vessel sink add to the array of options. The console sink is a derivation of a wall mounted sink except that it has support from the legs as well. And of course, vanity sinks are one of the most proffered design when it comes to bathroom furniture.

Bathroom cabinets are exclusive to those bathrooms that have enough space to accommodate them. Cabinets used for bathrooms can either be floating cabinets, floor cabinets or cabinets that are supported by leg tops. Recessed panel cabinets that lie under a bathroom vanity top are commonly integrated into bathroom designs.

Toilet bowls can similarly be wall mounted or standing toilets. They too come in a variety of designs. Bidets are classified in the more luxurious category.

Let us talk a bit about bathroom mirrors. They can be oval, rectangular, square or circular. A frame or panel around them gives them a refined look. Fancy bathroom mirrors have a decorative design on its borders Some even come with attached LED lights in warm white or yellow, so you can use your bathroom as a dressing area without the hassle of having to find suitable lighting.

Bathroom furniture is often associated with bath tubs for the bathrooms that have enough room to accommodate them. An ovoid and slipper style tubs are a very classical and common example of a standard bath tub, more of the luxurious designs include a round glossy tub with an overhanging faucet. Furthermore, a stained black tub is more for the faint of heart but if arranged properly can impart an exceptionally luxurious look.

This coupled with whimsical lighting arrangements would take it up the notch. Even simplistic bathtubs can shine if coupled with good lighting. The Pitali, Cuna, and Ciotole bathtubs are newly emergent designs in the midst of bathroom furniture, their modern yet elegant design attracts many buyers worldwide!


Accent Furniture
Accent Furniture

In my opinion accent furniture is more of a statement than just pieces of plain old furniture. It is more of an umbrella term for all your furniture, except that it somehow flawlessly compliments your current home set up.

Accent chairs include an array of designs. Let us take the barrel chair for an example. It comes with a curved back rest to impart ultimate comfort and style simultaneously. You could always couple it up with an ottoman to use as a foot rest. A few toss pillows to go with the set will make a wholesome lot of accent furniture.

A convertible chair is another kind of accent chair, without any compromise on style you could place this article in places that are not so spacious with the advantage of it being able to convert into a bed as well! Wingback chairs and swoop armchairs not only seem luxurious but are perfect in stances of comfort and posture! A recliner is a heavy but useful investment if you want an ultimate work from home chair. Accent benches, poufs and stools are another addition to the above category.

Tables in the category of accent furniture can be the following:

  1. C tables: perfect for those who like working or couching in on sofas while working. They adjust to the contour of your sofa.
  2. Nest tables: these come in a set of two or three, sizes being small, medium and large. Perfect for holding any decoration pieces or placing snacks. They come in Oakwood or metal.
  3. Side tables: not just limited to bedroom furniture, these furniture articles can always be placed beside a sofa.

Another interesting article from accent furniture are room dividers; this is for halls or corridors that are too big. This would enable you to create a partition effortlessly. You could even place it in a spacious room to mark off your dressing room or just for the sake of privacy. They come mostly in 5.9 feet in size. However, there are a lot of designs to choose from.

The variations mostly come in the panels, commonly coming in 3 to 4 panels. Rustic designs would include high end wood in a shutter like design to allow encourage air flow. Rice paper screens or pine wood frames are another material in use for room dividers. Designs can range from floral or bamboo to plain and luscious monotones.

To add to this, we also have storage trunks. They can add a retro flair to your house. A trolley style storage trunk is something we have come across. They are also placed at the foot end of the bed and can serve as an ottoman. These are perfect for storing anything you deem necessary.

Have you ever heard of blanket ladders? We hadn’t either until today. They hold all your on the go clothing items, especially when you are in a rush. Whether it is a towel when you’re rushing for a quick shower or just to hang a pair of jeans or scarves.



Many of us are book hoarders and the perfect way to pay respect to your books would be to place them in a beautiful bookcase.

Let us elaborate a few bookcases for you one by one:

  • Standard bookcase:

Most of these are made from manufactured wood with no special design. These bookcases are minimalistic but serve the purpose well, comprising of 4-5 shelves with a variation in width.their frame material can comprise of steel.

  • Étagère bookcases:

This is a very chic yet elegant variety of bookcases. We have come across many designs; a 4 or 5 shelved bookcase can come in a ladder design or have a crown arched top with gold embellishments. Another design would include a standard bookcase design but with X-shaped side panels.

  • Bookcases with doors:

The caption itself is self-explanatory. However, variations do exist. For example, a standard bookcase could be coupled with a two door cabinet at the bottom; or a ladder style book case could include a single door cupboard at the bottom. Geometric style book cases also include doors.

  • Leaning bookcases:

These include less book storage capacity but are accented to impart a contemporary look. It may seem as if they would not render stability but they actually incline at a 90-degree angle to the wall.

  • Barrister book case or library bookcases:

If you have a massive collection of books, these will do you good since they can hold up a large volume of books. Barrister bookcases also have an office like exquisite look. They are usually made of high end solid wood so that they can bare the weight effortlessly and are reinforced with stains and sealants.

Affordable Reading Chairs For Small Spaces
  • Corner bookcases:

As the name suggests, they will incorporate themselves to the corners of your designated room, hence will save you a lot of space. They too are mostly supplied in manufactured wood material.

  • Cube storage:

It is a very fun and new method to store your books. It comes in variety of colours and comprises of a set of 4, 6 or 9 cubicles. You could alternatively stack in your books and decorative items or electronics.

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