Ideas for Living Room Furniture in 2021


The article below will focus on exciting living room furniture ideas for the year 2021. Whether it’s that comfy ass recliner or that beautiful chaise; we will make sure to discuss an array of concepts and themes to make your living room space the epitome of comfort, style, and grace!

The ideal chairs for your living room space

Living Room Chairs
Living Room Chairs

What would be the perfect chair for your living room? A question that beholds so many options and opinions! We decided that we would suggest the best living room chairs that are not only trending but top-rated as well.

Recliners and accent chairs are hype these days; their sophisticated elegance and top-notch comfort are what makes them a people’s popular choice. Accent chairs are towards an inclination of style; their foremost purpose is to give your living room an exquisite pop. Recliners, as we all know, cater to all our postural needs. They even consume a larger space but prove to be very relaxing, especially when you just got done with a long day at work.

Club chairs are one of those big fat leather or faux leather chairs that you would just sink into! The upholstery is variable, but glossy leather still remains a tell-tale feature!

 Lounge chairs come in a vast variety of design variations, the best one would probably be the one with an extended shank that allows leg and foot rest. With its s-shaped curve, it gives quite a contemporary look.

Wingback chairs, armchairs, slipper chairs and barrel chairs are cute but very common. They are almost an outdated trend, however, some living room furniture themes are brought to shine with their presence.

We love rocking chairs! A nice evening with a good old book on a rocking chair makes everything delightful. They come in numerous designs and shapes, the scope of which is beyond the reach of this article!

 Living room chairs can also be classified according to their upholstery. Some people would have a preference for leather whereas some would lean towards the plain old fabric. Velvet and microfiber are amongst the other upholsterers that people commonly opt for in living room chairs.

The art of selecting a living room chaise lounge!

living room chaise lounge
Living Room Chaise Lounge

For those of you who are unaware of the beauty and grace of chaise lounges, below is a description just for you!

These are elongated chairs that are modified with down-tufted buttons and plush linens. They can act as a conventional recliner with their single-ended backrest. Perfect for evening time snoozes or reading a book with your legs at rest.

Some of the chaise lounges we came across were modernized with the exclusion of the down tufted buttons.

With respect to design, we found two main variations: one in which the bottom end foot of the chaise curves to touch the ground and the other where it curves upwards or remains straight to become suspended in the air with the help of its framework beneath.

Most of them have a rather sizzling curve to its body which gives it a very luxurious look. The addition of velvet would of course add to its opulence.

While some of them do come with a one-sided armrest, the others minus that feature. The length of the chaise lounge also remains a varied component, meaning that not all chaise lounges will support the legs and feet!

Colors that we mostly came across and those that stood out as well, were the velvety monotones. A pop of color can be given if the theme of your living room is more towards vibrancies and vividness. The effect of a monotone is usually impactful when the entire living room is brainstormed under a single master color that in turn affects all the living room furniture that is to be selected.

Living room futons; a simplistic but everlasting trend!

Living room futons

Living room futons are unsung heroes! Most of them serve as sofa cum beds as well, many of the reviewers we came across also claim to use living room futons for a nice nap time. Why? Because they’re lengthy!

Futons are very minimalistic, it is a tedious task to make them look up lifted and eye catching in our opinion. The ones that are high end do stand out on their own but a traditional living room futon is just a plain old elongated sofa. If you are a style fanatic and crave for furniture items that need minimum up-dos, then you can skip this one.

However, those that are into the plucking out cushions and linens to decorate in their living rooms can most definitely style a basic living room futon into one that would steal glances.

Monotones are the key when choosing a living room futon, because they can contrast with your fancy curtains and sofas. Ladies and gentlemen, the key to dressing a plain old futon is all in the accessories. Take notes!  

A guide to choosing the ultimate living room set!

living room set

A living room is so called because it us full of life. A place where all your family member can gather either to have a chit chat about the current affairs over a cup of tea or just to binge watch your favorite television show with that bag of popcorn. All in all, the set-up of a living room is what enables a family to be able to get together and enjoy. Below, we will be giving you a general know how as to what living room sets are and how you can select the best one as per your needs.

Living room sets comprise of tables, sofas and sometimes even chairs. The purchasing of a living room set altogether spares you the hassle of having to select different items from different sellers.

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Some living room sets are grand whereas others are simplistic, the idea entirely depends on what you’re looking for. Living room sets can come in a set of two, three or even four.

A set of four would probably lend you some tossing pillows, a loveseat, a sofa and a chair. These sets are mostly configured to the size of an apartment and consume a lot of space.

A three piece living room set would come in with a loveseat and a chair whereas a two piece living room set would yield the same products. The lesser the pieces, the lesser the amount of seating available.

Living room sets come in a variety of designs and sizes. It depends on the size of the living room really. The web market caters to all sizes and needs.

The upholstery varies as well. faux leather, fabric, genuine leather and velvet are among the few upholsterers used for living room sets.

Some living room sets are sectional. They come in an L-shaped configuration and often fit well into the corners of the designated room.

Comfort frenzies: living room sofas and couches

living room sofas and couches

There’s always a couch potato in the family who loves to snuggle up within the confines of a nice fluffy sofa. It is also a living room essential. Almost every living room has a sofa or a couch.

Below we will be going through different sofas and couches, each unique to their own features.

Living room sofas and couches are elaborated derivations of the versions of living room chairs we discussed above. Let us discuss about how each sofa or couch differs from one another.

Living room sofas and couches mostly vary when it comes to their arms. Yes, arms! Arms are the most varied component of a sofa or couch. A few of them are briefed down below:

  1. Rolled arms
  2. Square arms
  3. Pillow top arms
  4. Flared arms
  5. Sloped arms
  6. Recessed arms
  7. Track arms
  8. Tuxedo arms
  9. Armless sofas

Sofas and couches also encompass a large range of themes and concepts. Modern contemporary themes impart a classical chic touch similar to that of executive offices, but with a touch of homey vibes. Traditional sofas are the ones that have a historical background affiliated with it and we’ve been seeing them since the time of our forefathers. Bohemian and eclectic ones have a fun cultural pop to them. Others include French country, rustic, coastal, glam and transitional.

While some living room sofas and couches are solid monotone, others also involve a medley of prints and patterns.

A few prints and patterns for sofas are enlisted below:

  1. Toile printed
  2. Animal printed
  3. Floral prints
  4. Tropical beachy prints
  5. Chevron print
  6. Patch work
  7. Cabana stripe prints
  8. Abstract prints

Some sofas come with removable cushions whereas some have them embedded in the framework.

Interesting features related to the living room sofas and couches would be that some are even pet friendly! Designed to resist their scratches and habits. This would be a great option for all pet lovers whose companions are with them side by side.

Other features would be related to their multi positional ability. An adjustable headrest or a reclining feature is indeed included in some of the high end sofas that we came across.

Some have ottomans included whereas others are tufted.

 Slipcovered and skirted living room couches and sofas have the advantage of being removable. They can easily be washed or dry cleaned after intervals of time so that they can look as good as new. If your children spilled that meatball sauce all over your linens then all you need to do is detach them and send them in for a good wash.

A few living room sofas and couches have storage. Which means you can store all your scarves, belts, caps or any other item that you need when you are in a hurry to leave the house. Just pop that lid open and take out anything you require in a quick jiffy! Cushion backs are a feature of some but not all sofas. An insertion of comfortable fabric or foam on the upper level of a sofa will give you a good back rest so that you can easily sit down with your laptop and submit that overdue assignment with your back problems taken care of.

A glimpse into the diversity of living room tables

living room tables

Once you are done with finalizing and arranging your sofas and chairs, it then comes the time to seal the deal with a nice living room table.

A living room table is the finishing touch for an elegantly decorated living room. This furniture article too has a lot of designs within its midst and we will be imploring a few praise worthy designs with you.

Coffee tables are a very common option for most style fanatics. That’s because they are so chic and give almost any living room an exquisite touch. Coffee tables are low set tables that come in manufactured wood, Oakwood or metal. Some have a wooden top reinforced with metal legs and panels. Nowadays, a Nordic style of coffee tables is seen with a hexagonal metal base framework topped with a marble surface.

A very new and interesting design for a coffee table we have seen is that with a wicker trunk as a base and an espresso Oakwood surface on top.

If you are into ottoman furniture then ottoman coffee tables are for you. With their down-tufted buttoned design serving as the surface table reinforced with Lennon pine planks.

Glass coffee tables are known to impart an executive look. Some designs involve a circular glass cut whereas others go for a rectangular glass shape. Often they are rimmed with a collar of metal, which renders them sturdy and strengthened. Most of them are two tier coffee tables.

Barn coffee tables involve mostly a cuboid shape in gray wood. They are then further divided into three longitudinal columns, each serving as a storage compartment. One of the compartments may have a cabinet. The side panels are reinforced with an X shape on either end.

Nesting basket tables are new in the market. A very cute yet contemporary design it is. With its wooden circular top reinforced with a nesting basket as a base. Since the wooden top is removable, the nesting basket can be used to stack up your books or any other accessory you deem necessary. A very handy storage compartment that is visible at all times. Since it is visible, make sure to store aesthetically pleasing items such as your treasured novels or magazines.

Mid-century modern life top coffee tables are low heightened chic masterpieces that are sure to give a stunning look to your living room. They often come in gray veneer and composites. With its flip top feature you can use your laptop on it with ease or even use it as a minor storage compartment.

Completely clear acrylic tables are unheard of.  Every component of the table is made of clear acrylic, whether it’s the panels, the legs or the top. They would look good in a very well lighted room to offer subtle reflections. Natural light would impart the best impression. However, these tables do not usually give a strong statement for style.

Nest tables are another option to be used as a living room table. They come in sets of twos or threes with a lot of variation in shapes and legs. The legs can be hexagonal, v shaped, circular, semi circular and more! Tabletops can comprise of Oakwood, marble, faux leather and even colored acrylic.

Some nest tables have a glass frame with metal panels. Panels make a huge difference. Our favorite ones are in champagne gold or rose gold.

Chic looking living room TV furniture!

Television stands would be the first in the category of living room TV furniture. A vast variety of TV stands are available online and in stores. Below we will be enlisting and describing some latest TV stand trends:

  1. TV stands with a fireplace: for all your cozy fantasies. These babies come with an electric fire controlled by a remote. Tempered glass is often used for safety purposes. You could always enjoy a cozy movie night with this customized LED fireplace cum TV stand.
  2. TV stands with hutch: this comes in with lots of drawers and cabinets for storage. It would normally take up most of your wall, which you have designated for your TV placement. The storage compartments can be used for you to set up any decoration items you please.
  3. Wall mounts:  this can be used to spare lots of room. A wall mount would allow you to suspend your television in air.
  4. TV armoires: these are long heighted cabinets, which guard your TV by acting like a cabinet to it. This specific item is not so much in use these days.
  5. Corner TV stands: as the name suggests, this fits into the corners of your room to save space while providing a sturdy stand for your TV.
  6. Flat panel mount TV stands.

Entertainment centers or units are hype in the market. They apparently resemble a TV stand with a hutch but it has a lot of cool and exciting features such as:

  • Modern electric fireplace with interchangeable colors.
  • Speakers
  • Can accommodate TV sizes up to 75’

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