living room furniture ideas for small spaces

Living Room Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces 2021!

Living Room Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces 2021! We all know the importance of a living room. It is the place where all of your family members can get together over coffee or watch that favourite television show of yours. It is called a living room because it is indeed, the heart of the house and is full of sparks of life and commotion.

We are back again with yet another article to suggest to you some living room furniture ideas for 2021.

We’ve rummaged back and forth on Amazon to come up with hand-picked items that you will most definitely love!

Living room furniture ideas can be tied with various themes to make your living room look whole.

Below, we will be suggesting our all-time favorite furniture items. So gear up!

We Furniture tall rustic wood fireplace

Fireplaces are such a dream! It can set all your affairs straight after a cold breezy day at work. This here is a 64’ fireplace that comes with side cabinets as well. We would stack it under the category of farmhouse living furniture because of all the rustic vibes it gives off.

This fireplace also serves as a television stand! So be sure to make use of this dual function and skip out on the tv-table you’ve had your eyes on.

This fireplace can easily heat up to 400 square feet! It also comes in with a convenient plug unit so you can skip seeking an appointment with the electrician. The WE Furniture fireplace has a unique feature where it can display those fire blazes without any heat on, just in case you feel like flexing one!

Let us talk a bit about storage. Two small cabinets along with two hollow drawers can hold a lot of items.

It comes in a variety of delicious brown toned colors! If you’re looking for farmhouse living furniture, then we would suggest you the color ‘barn wood’ or ‘reclaimed barn wood’. However, if you have a fetish for modern living room furniture, then espresso would look absolutely lovely.

STONE & BEAM down-filled oversized chair

This is the chair you’ll have to fight off with your sibling over who gets to sit on it. It is one of those chairs where you just feel like you’ve sunken into the luscious fabric. This oversized chair is for all those comfort fanatics who are hunting for modern living room furniture that has comfort written all over it!

It is an accent chair hence will make the entire living room splashy and posh. The duo of comfort with style will lead anyone to include this bid daddy in their living room furniture ideas, 2021.

It comes with exquisite moisture and stain repellent fabric, which means you’ll have the advantage of having this amazing chair good as new almost all throughout the year. Everyone coming into your living room space will be sure to remark on how classy this big chair looks. It does not require any assembly either!

This oversized chair by Stone & Beam is an amazon brand, so we have high expectations over quality. The color scheme is rather remarkable as well; including a range of rustic and modern colors. It will surely blend against all odds with such neutral and contrastable colors. Some of them are Chocolate, Pepper, Cognac and dark brown.  Our favourite is Fawn since it can blend into almost any theme. The cushion is removable and reversible, so let’s say you ruined one side of it, just flip it over to solve the problem!

WALKER EDISON living room side table

Walker Edison strikes yet again with another accent furniture item. We personally absolutely love this side table and thus ended up including this in our living room furniture ideas, 2021.

Beautifully crafted and nicely finished, this chic side table is only 18 inches in length and width. Despite its small size, it can hold up to 50 lbs. of weight!   So we’re guessing, big things really do come in small packages. Composed of both top-notch MDF wood and bent metal, this product can be sustained for a long time.

The design is what compelled us to include it in our living room ideas for 2021. The X-shaped frame on both sides looks really neat. The tabletop is small but accented; hence giving an expensive touch.

You could set these as a pair beside each sofa, place a nice candle or any other decorative item that pleases you and you’re good to go.

HOMER Recliner chair with padded seats

Here, we’re talking about taking up comfort and luxury a good two to three levels upscale. A recliner chair is for workaholics who are always on the grind, waiting for the next assignment to come in while they reboot themselves on the very same chair over a cup of caffeinated coffee.

This baby has got all the features you need:

  1. PU leather with thick padded seat rest, not just for the alleviation of back pains but also for easy cleaning!
  2. Wider arms rest – because, after all that typing you’ve been doing, those arms deserve a good rest
  3. Chunky and wide backrest – you could probably even use it for a nap
  4. A footrest – because your feet need some relaxation time too

 An interesting fact we found out about PU leather (which is faux leather, by the way) is that it won’t give off a bad odour like leather materials usually do! Also, the only color we have spotted for this item is black, but then again black goes along with a lot of themes and looks good almost everywhere.

We think the only downside to this ideal looking chair is that it requires assembly. However, almost every other item that is being shipped requires assembly so no biggie! Also, this color only

This item could be included in living room furniture ideas that proximate around a trio of comfort, orthostatic needs and style.

LOKATSE HOME classic loveseat sofa

A 52-inch minimalistic beauty. This classical loveseat sofa is a two-seater that comes in cool-toned colors. It is nothing fancy really, so we would suggest it for those small living room furniture arrangements, that are neither too glam nor too whimsical.

The Lokatse Home loveseat sofa is composed of plush linens wrapping the entire article. Everything, from the cushions to the fabric imparts comfort. They claim to have made very thick cushions, perfect for a relaxing evening with a book in your hand.

The legs are made of pinewood which can sustain a lot of weight and pressure, so we’re presuming this is going to last you a lifetime!

What we like most about this loveseat sofa is the stitching. It is remarkably neat and detailed.

MODWAY ENGAGED mid-century living room set

We’re now including this gorgeous living room set into our article and let us remind you that this is not going to fit into a small living room furniture arrangement! This bad boy is a three-piece furniture set. It comes in with the following:

a) an armchair

b) a loveseat

c) a sofa

This can serve as a 6 seater in total. With its mid-century contemporary impact, it will surely make an accented statement.

With regard to comfort, this has plush and soft 6 inch cushions to impart a comfortable sit. So whether it’s a cup of tea you’ve been craving or you’re all set to watch television, this will cater to your comfort needs. The rubber wood legs give it a firm grip to the ground; most sofas without rubber grips end up slipping and fidgeting while your fidget around. But don’t worry, this one won’t move a bit.

Another very interesting feature was the color scheme. Even though they do have lots of neutral colors that will fit into almost any background (for example: Azure, expectation grey, granite), a few of them captured our sight a wee bit than the rest. And let us remind you that they aren’t for the faint hearted fellas out there:

  1. Atomic red: a burnt orange color! This color is sure to impart a very retro and glam look. If you’re into fancy ass furniture set ups that leave people gazing, then do consider this one!
  2. Citrus: yup! Just like the fruit suggests. To fulfill all your lime frenzies!
  3. Sunny: this one resembles citrus, but with a touch of honey mustard.

WALKER EDISON accent living room tables

Walker Edison has stolen our hearts (and wallets) for this year’s farmhouse living room furniture items! This is our third feature for Walker Edison!

These rustic living room tables are perfect for a small living room furniture arrangement. They do not require much space whilst contributing to the overall rustic aura of the living room. These small babies come as a set of two.

They are two tiered side tables that can be easily moved around as per need. So whether it’s your living room decorative items that need a display table or simply a lamp to lighten up the room, these tables are sure to make a great couple.

They weigh only 62 pounds and can be easily picked up. If you’re used to snacking while watching television, then just pick this small baby up and place it right in front of you to place your popcorn bowl!

Or, instead of a large coffee centre table, you could simply place these two side by side. Since these require only 20 inches of ground space, you could easily impart a rustic accented statement in your small living room furniture arrangement.

They are shaped into perfect squares when it comes to the tabletop. We find that very neat since it imparts a pleasantly monotonous and uniform look to your living room.

The color range too is appreciable. All warm and rustic ones are available. However, if your living room furniture is revolving around a grey scale theme, then the color Gray Wash will fit in perfectly. Grey scale themes are usually seen in executive offices and some very posh houses, but you could always extract the same idea on a smaller scale for a smaller living room!

STONE & BEAM Decatur modern-tufted wing back chair

Yet another furniture item by Stone & Beam. Wing chairs are from amongst the numerous chair designs we’ve come across. Here is why we love this one so much:

  1. Ravishingly stylish
  2. Comfortable
  3. Neatly stitched

Upon reading some interesting reviews, we found out that this chair is liked by many therapists! It gives it a distinctive vibe! It was also loved by many plus-sized individuals since it has such a spacious seating area.

A lot of reviews also complimented its quality of sturdiness! This bad boy is bulky and sturdy, it refuses to cater room to instability!

Also read: How to select the ideal chairs for small living room spaces?

COASTER HOME FURNISHINGS living room sectional sofa

This is going to be the last one from our living room furniture ideas for 2021.

A sectional sofa! Yes, this delicacy is L-shaped and fits into corners of the living room thus saving a lot of space. There are a lot of other good features to this like:

  1. Usage of kiln-dried wood for reinforced strength
  2. 5 person seating capacity
  3. decent quality linens

Keep in mind that this sectional sofa does require a decent amount of space, hence won’t necessarily seem suitable for very small living room spaces.

All in all, there is a twist to this Coaster Home Furnishings sectional sofa that made us include it in our living room furniture favourites for 2021! It includes a queen-sized mattress within it! This means, you could always roll it out when you’re about to Netflix and chill; or even if a friend decides to stay in for a sleepover. With its 4-inch memory foam pads, it can serve as well as a bed.

This sectional sofa is multipurpose and hence will prove to be a good investment.

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