small living room with a television set

How to Arrange a Small Living Room with a Television set

Gear in as we take you on a convenient journey for you to find out how to arrange a small living room with a television set!

Tired of looking for the right items for your living room?

Is your living room too small and the furniture out there is too big?

Small Living Room with a Television set

Do you need to integrate a television in your small living room without having to make it look stuffy?

Well, you arrived at the right place.

Because we will be listing products that will help you brainstorm cozy living room furniture arrangement examples!

1) Farmhouse Coffee Table

Farmhouse Coffee Table
Farmhouse Coffee Table

This two tier light toned coffee table is sure to give life to your living room.

With its exquisite natural wood, you can expect a breathable and fresh vibe indoors.

This coffee table is sustainable and will be seen by generations to come.

Who doesn’t love chemical free au naturel products in their living room spaces!

So whether it’s that tv you want to set atop or simply arrange living room furniture with a tv in the corner, this table will be your go-to!

A large plethora of arrangements can be made with its unique feature which allows you to change the positions of the table legs.


  • 100% natural wood with beautiful patterns
  • Allows you to use it the way you want to use it with respect to storage and height
  • No need to use special tools to arrange it
  • Perfect to use as a living room furniture with tv

2) Brown Leather Living Room Chairs

Brown Leather Living Room Chairs
Brown Leather Living Room Chairs

These sleek cut armchairs with their contemporary vibes are sure to do your small living room good!

The inverted U shaped legs in their sliding fashion keep the design smooth and classy!

So if you’re designing a rough layout on how to arrange your living room furniture with tv, then make sure to include these babies.

These chairs are comfortable and stylish.

They also come in variable sets with regards to quantity.

However, if you’re arranging a small living room, then we suggest you go for the set of two.

No need to congest a living room space.

Keeping it light and airy is the key to achieving the perfect living room set up.

how to select the ideal chairs for small living room spaces


  • Contemporary modern design.
  • Use of high quality leather
  • Very easy assembly
  • Affordable price tag
  • Use of oakwood gives it a rustic touch
  • Circular pads at the bottom of the legs for added grip and stability

3) Modern And Tall Floor Lamp

Modern And Tall Floor Lamp
Modern And Tall Floor Lamp

Let’s take a small break with all that living room furniture with tv deals and all!

It’s time to talk about lighting and how it efficiently impacts the overall aura of any room let alone a living room.

This floor lamp by Rottogoon is indeed a glance-stealer!

This lamp has a unique design; with a sharp 90-degree bend to the lighting pole.

Heck! It even comes with two different lamp shades that can complement any mood or season.


  • Elegant and unique architecture
  • Use of sturdy and long lasting iron
  • Large circular base
  • Switch is located at the base, which makes it easy to turn it off or on
  • Comes with an LED bulb for extended illumination
  • Energy saving lamp

4) Accent End Table For Living Room

Accent End Table For Living Room
Accent End Table For Living Room

The best thing about end tables is their extended range of usability.

Plus, they can fit in anywhere without rendering the living room too stuffy.

This one is unique with respect to its open storage compartment.

Use it for stacking newspapers or magazines while sipping your freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

Its C-shaped configuration allows you to use it conveniently against the configuration of your sofa.

Perfect for placing your laptop while you work or place that popcorn bowl while you watch your favorite movie.

If you have a living room furniture layout with a tv, then this end table will make space for itself within your lay out since it occupies only a few centimetres of ground space.


  • Gorgeous vintage finish
  • Easy assembly
  • Space saver
  • The legs will not scratch your floor since it has adjustable feet!
  • Extra storage compartment
  • One table to serve many purposes!

5) Multifunctional Storage Cabinet For Living Room

Cabinet For Living Room
Cabinet For Living Room

This storage cabinet is literally a dream come true.

It ranks 5 stars in design, style, convenience, durability and more.

Speaking about its uses, it has a flat top to give you a surface you can use as an end table.

And a small storage cabinet that you can use to store small pieces of crockey, magazines or any items that you need when you’re in the living room.

This glossy cabinet cum table reminds one of a very elegant cheetah print with diffused edges.

It can serve as an amazing article to display your fancy decorative items.

It is modernized at all levels to make your living room look chic and elegant.

Arranging living room furniture around a tv can be a tedious task, but selection of smart space saving furniture items like these can spare you time and energy.

This would definitely account for one of those modern tv cabinet designs for living rooms!


  • World class modern design
  • Glossy smooth finish
  • Cabinet cum table
  • Space saving furniture item
  • Blend of iron and engineered wood for maximum stability

Final Thoughts:

We understand that selecting the right furniture for your house can be challenging.

When you’re purchasing online, not everything seems as it is shown to be.

There is a lot that you have to consider when buying a product.

Which is why we bring you the best items to make your living room look fantastic and up to date with all the modern trends.

The set of products above are one of the best in each category.

Every item was handpicked with copious amounts of research with regard to budget and small living room sizes.

We hope you like these products as much as we do.

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